Restaurant Review – Boston Pizza (Kelsey Drive)

9 06 2011

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Since my wife and I had some shopping to do in preparation for a dinner party this weekend, loyal reader, we decided to treat ourselves to a satisfying meal at the Kelsey Drive Boston Pizza restaurant. After a long busy day at the office, a beer and pizza would go down real easy!

We had gone to BP a few times before and were always satisfied. Tonight was no exception.

The decor and ambience is like a cross between a family restaurant and sports bar. The warm colour scheme is very relaxing and TVs set up high around the room were tuned in to a sports channel, with the sound off. The radio was playing, but not so loudly as to interfere with our conversation.

We were seated right away in a comfortable elevated booth. I love those comfy seats. Our server Amy greeted us with a smile and took our drink orders. She left us enough time to browse the menu and came back just in time. I must in fact commend the speedy service we received throughout dinner. Well done.

As we always do at Boston Pizza, we shared an appetizer of their delicious three cheese toast. If you’ve never tried them, I recommend it. It’s buttery, warm and cheesy. Very indulgent, especially with a mug of cold beer.

Erica and I both opted for pizzas. My wife ordered a tropical chicken pizza, which had chicken, bacon, pineapple and Alfredo sauce. She enjoyed every bite. The Alfredo sauce was a nice change from the traditional tomato sauce and gave the pi a creamier taste.

For my plate, carnivore that I am, I went with a Meateod pizza. It had it all: pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, ham, bacon, mushrooms, lots of cheese. Mmmmm!

Despite all that meat, it wasn’t overly greasy, which was a pleasant surprise. I loved it, although I felt heavy for hours afterwards. My own fault!

Finally, we treated ourselves to some dessert. The lady selected a sticky toffee pudding, which is a lot like a brown sugar pudding. Pretty good, judging from the bite I stole. The gentleman chose a chocolate explosion cake. It turned out to be a tad too sweet, but I suppose a chocoholic would be in heaven: chocolate cheesecake pieces, chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce. For my money it should be more balanced with something creamy, perhaps.

I mentioned the speedy service, and I appreciated it. But the downside of it was that, even though she was friendly and smiling, our server was a bit rushed. It’s the go-go-go aspect of a busy restaurant, though, and can’t be helped.

While our culinary explorations have brought us to many different cultures over the last few weeks, it’s good to get back to some good old well-made North American food. Boston Pizza might be a bit on the pricy side, but the three cheese toast and hearty pizzas are worth the cost. The desserts are, however, fairly unremarkable and could be skipped. Therefore I give Boston Pizza an 8 out of 10 for casual family dining.

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Tiling Marlborough

While our culinary explorations have brought us to many different cultures over the last few weeks, it’

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So we had written this record with mother and father in thoughts. That’s right, we farted on a mic (several times) for your hearing satisfaction.

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